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     I do all retouching in-house and the

    printing is done by: csfprinting.com








    This allows me to quickly assess the

    issues in an image and the necessary

    time to rectify them.


     General: $30 per hr.


     I bill in 30 minute intervals and always

     offer a quote before I start. The client

     will receive a digital proof sized at

     12x8inch or less depending upon the

     original size at 100dpi prior to send the

     image at full-res 300dpi



     Contact me with any questions, I am

     here to help. Private and commercial

     clients welcome.






     In the early days of my photographic

     business, I was a professional retoucher

     and Giclee b/w printer for the Royal

     Navy Fleet Air Arm Historic Archive

     Photographs and records department.

     I was also one of the first people in

     England to develop digital image

     restoration back in the 90s.


     For more details please email me.


                                                                               csfotoimages, Tucson, AZ 85711   chris@csfotoimages.com