Photographer: Chris L Smith

Panoramic of San Francisco Bay


   Based in Tucson but serving Clients across

     the USA


   I was born in England during the "swinging

     sixties" to a war hero father and creative



   One of my earliest memories is of my father

     instructing me on how to hold a camera to

     take a photo of him and my mother at the

     seashore on vacation. My father encouraged

     my ongoing interest in his hobby and that

     started a lifelong journey in photography.


   After college (1990) I started my career as a

     newspaper photographer using 35mm,

     moving to Nikon digital in 2004. With digital

     photography my interest in Photoshop

     commenced and in 2005 I began a short

     career as the Chief Archive Photographer

     and GlcIee b/w Printer for the Royal Naval

     Fleet Air Arm ARDept at Yeovilton UK. I have

     continued to update my post production and

     printing skill sets also including website

     design using Adobe Muse


   My involvement in stock imagery started in

     1993 and over the following years I have

     amassed a library of more than 50,000

     images serving photo agencies, travel

     magazines, travel guides and a variety of

     lifestyle and business magazines worldwide.


   I am grateful for the many opportunities I

     receive as a photographer in advertising,

     travel & tourism, editorial, aviation and

     corporate wall decor sales.


   I offer framed prints to restaurants, offices,

     airports and more. Printing and framing is

     completed by my company csfprinting.


Sun Studio, Memphis TN



                                                                               csfotoimages, Tucson, AZ 85711  chris@csfotoimages.com