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After College After leaving College in 1990 with diploma
in Photography, I started my career as a freelance Newspaper Photographer using 35mm and later digital. Later in my career I gained valuable experience of medium format cameras - Mamiya RB67 and Bronica SQI in a studio environment - first as an assistant and later owner of my own studio.
 Christopher L. Smith I was born in the sixties to a war hero father and a creative mother. I was raised in a middle-class home where
my father worked for the Government and my mother was a house-wife.. My parents did their best to provide me with a good education and start into adult life. I married my soul-mate Jennifer in 2014 on Anna Maria Island beach, Sarasota, FL and resided there until 2018 when we relocated to Tucson AZ.
 Digital Life My involvement in digital photography has meant my skill set with Adobe products such as Photoshop has grown. I have at minimum 10-12years experience of Photoshop and Bridge and half that of Lightroom and web design Adobe Muse. I shot digital with Nikon until 2008 and then moved to Canon where I still am today.
Chris L Smith

One of the Best times In 2005 I began a short career as the Chief
Archive Photographer and Printer for
the Royal Naval Fleet Air Arm, Research
& Records Dept at RNAS Yeovilton, UK Shooting both film and digital I gained valuable digital editing experience using Adobe Photoshop and Bridge. .
 Growing Up One of my earliest memories is of my father instructing me on how to hold a camera to take photos of him and my mother at the seaside whilst on vacation - I was 4 years old. My father encouraged my ongoing passion for photography which was his weekend hobby, to which began my lifelong journey as both an amateur and professional in photography.
 Stock Imagery My involvement in stock imagery started in 1993 shooting 35mm & medium Format transparencies for stock. Since 2005, shooting digital, I have amassed a library of more than 50,000 images serving photo agencies, travel magazines, travel guides and a variety of lifestyle and business magazines worldwide. I continue today shooting stock for Alamy, Getty Images and AGE Fotostock
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