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Hello, I am Chris L Smith, owner of csfotoimages based around Sarasota since 2012.


I was born in England during the "swinging sixties" to a war hero father and creative mother.

One of my earliest memories is of my father instructing me on how to hold a camera to take a photo of him and my mother at the seashore on vacation.  My father encouraged my ongoing interest in his hobby and I suppose that's how it all began.


Whilst working as a newspaper/magazine photographer in the 00's I became proficient with digital photography (Nikon) and advanced my computer editing experience. I was an early Adobe Photoshop user and now have many years of experience with a variety of Adobe products.


My love of travel has also inspired me to see the world while on a constant search for photographic opportunities. I have amassed a library of more than 50,000 stock images over 25+ years serving Getty and Alamy among other stock agencies worldwide.


I now specialize in:


1: BIG Photos: 10-20ft wide panorama style photos: - Starting at $1000


2: Photography of mainly US subjects for: Travel / Tourism, Editorial, News, Advertising,

    Websites, Real Estate, Industrial, Aviation, also Airport, Offices & Restaurants wall decor.


3: In 2016 I earned my FAA Commercial UAV drone Pilot's license. I operate the

    DJI Inspire 1 drone which is perfect for all professional applications.







         Professional Photography services:


         What ever your project: $75/hr or $500 a day.


         Large Photo images from Stock or shot to order.


         Extras: Photo Assistant: $20/hr


              Portable Studio: $25/hr or $150 day


              Specific project requiring equipment or model hire: $-hire cost


              Basic editing - FREE! Advanced Post-Editing - $25/hr


              Travel Expenses: 55c mile




          Contact me to discuss your projects :  Tel: 941-266-9026  or email me at



 Basic UAV services : $75/hr (Drone and Pilot)


             Construction monitoring, Inspections, Insurance - property & Vehicle, News and Media, Real Estate, Agriculture,


             Law Enforcement, Accident Mapping, Tourism and more.



            Basic Post Editing - FREE! (Extras such as: Item additions/removals, enhancement, Video editing) - $25/hr





Real Estate Fixed Price Packages


                                Small job: $125 - 1-2hrs, Natural light, color corected

                                                 (5 -10 exterior edited ground and/or drone images)


                                Medium job: $400 - up to 1/2 day, Lighting as required, color corrected

                                                     (15-20 pics: interior and exterior stills ground and aerial)


                                Large Job: $750 - 1 day, Lighting as required, color corrected & HDR as needed

                                                  (25+ pics: interior stills and exterior stills - ground and aerial)


                                                             If any job requires extra pics or time, the hourly rate applies



                              Contact me to discuss your projects : 941-266-9026  or better email me at


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to all 50 US States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Copyright: Chris L Smith - csfotoimages 2017