"Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic." – Arthur C. Clarke (Author)





Exterior Photography, Aerial View Studies,

Panoramics, Residential, Commercial,

Industrial, Hotels





Accident Mapping, SWAT Aid

Search and Find


Aerial View Studies, Hi-Res Photos,

Panoramas, Progress Monitoring

Reference Photos.



Damage Assessment, Before and After

Repair Photos.


Bridges, Gas & Oil, Maintenance, Rooftop,

Agriculture ($5 Acre)



News Coverage, Music Events, Promo Videos,


My Story:


I’m Chris L. Smith, a one-time pilot and lifetime photographer.  I’ve created commercial photographs & supplied stock agencies with imagery for worldwide distribution for over 25 years.


These are exciting times—now that I’m embracing two technologies that I have always been passionate about: flying and photography.


I operate a DJ Inspire 1 drone and a DJ Phantom3 drone. The Phantom 3 is perfect for Real Estate and Industrial applications, whereas the Inspire 1 is more complex and delivers movie/tv quality videos.


I’m a FAA UAV Commercially Licensed Pilot and both aircraft are FAA registered. CSFOTOIMAGES is fully licensed and insured. I am the sole proprietor and photographer/UAV Drone pilot.


I approach each project with 100% focus and dedication. I research and reconn each project for safety and perform strictly within FAA guidelines.


Drone photography/videography is changing the way business is conducted.  Drone imagery is impressive and there are endless benefits to many industries.


Please contact me with your project specifications -- I offer fair and competitive pricing.  I look forward to meeting your drone technology needs.   941-266-9026.




"No flying machine will ever fly from New York to Paris." Orville Wright





I look forward to hearing from you.


Whatever your project, please contact me for a quote.



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